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Spiking success: Junior varsity volleyball team!!!🏐

What's up jaguars!! With volleyball season finally starting up! Here are our very own dynamic and spirited Middle School girls' volleyball team, led by our enthusiastic coach (Mrs. Washington), and hard-working managers (Aubrey Nunez and Leilani Jackson) All who are committed to fostering skill development, sportsmanship and dedicated to conquering this season.

Coach Washington

Mrs. Washington is known also known as our fabulous geography teacher, in which she has been teaching and coaching for eight years!

In a short interview with coach Washington, she expressed her excitement and enthusiasm for the new season:

"I'm both nervous and excited to see how the girls play and work together, to see how they strive when communicating, and just overall seeing how they do since you know it is most of the girls first year playing, but none the less ready to learn. -Mrs. Washington

Coach Washington

While she expresses her excitement, she also expresses her concerns:

" I'm also slightly worried about how the girls will take winning and or losing, I'm concerned that they might not have a sportsman ship attitude or just in general know how to control their emotions when taking on a triumph or a loss. - Mrs. Washington

Now the introduction to the new JV volleyball team!!!

" like I said , I am excited about the new season and how they're going to play and how they'll improve, considering we're going to watch film and watch back on what to improve, fix and keep doing. - Mrs. Washington

"Although their first game wasn't as successful as i anticipated they still went hard, communicated, and strived to win" -Mrs. Washington


Meet the Team


Volleyball managers play a crucial behind-the-scenes role in the world of competitive volleyball. These dedicated individuals are the unsung heroes of the sport, ensuring that teams run smoothly and efficiently both on and off the court. with that, here are your JV volleyball team managers!!🏐



JV managers going over game

First game

On September 7th, 2023, our junior varsity team traveled to Idea Eastside

and went against Idea Weslaco pike (the mavericks).

Although the first game wasn't as successful as anticipated, our JV lady jaguars.

as always brought out a fight as the finishing score was 26-24, none the less these girls stepped onto the court with a mixture of excitement and nervousness for their first game of the season. The gym buzzed with anticipation as friends, family, and fellow students gathered to support the young athletes.

lady jags in ready position

As we wrap up this blog journey about our JV volleyball team, we can't help but feel a sense of pride and gratitude, we've witnessed incredible growth, teamwork, and determination among our players. We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to the coaches, parents, and supporters who are standing by us every step of the way and support us through both losses, and wins. As the season goes on, our memories will forever hold the cheers, laughter, and camaraderie that defined this team will make, while this blog may be ending, the spirit of our jaguar JV volleyball family will continue to thrive on and off the court!!💙💛💙💛

their game schedule is:

  • sept 20th- @Idea Judson( home game) 5:30-6:30

  • sept 22nd - @Somerset( away game) 6:00-7:00

  • sept 25th- @George Gervin( away game) 5:30-6:30

  • sept 27th-@Idea Judson( home game) 5:30-6:30

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